You—your perspective, your hopes and dreams, your fears, your needs—matter to Unitarian Universalism.

From March through June 2023, a series of forums is being held so that you can engage with Rev. Betancourt about what Unitarian Universalism means to you, your hopes and needs for our future, and how we can better live into our purpose and potential together. 

Communal care

In these times, we are called to care for each other like never before. We can—and must—deepen our commitment and our skills in communal care, leaving no one outside the circle of our love.

Collaborative leadership

More than great individual leaders, we need to honor every single person’s gifts, make space for the full breadth of voices in our midst, and practice leadership that is relational, empowering, and collaborative.

Facing the unknown together

Unitarian Universalism has a vital, liberating message for our time. Building trust and living our values in new ways can help us navigate the uncertain times ahead.

“Our most basic teaching is that every one of us is worthy, that none of us can be made less than the greater love that calls us into being.”

—Rev. Dr. Sofía Betancourt

Featured resources and updates from the campaign

Congregational Delegate Guide

Guidance for UU congregations on how to ensure their delegate selection processes are democratic, equitable, and transparent

Campaign Statement on Being the Only Nominee

Democracy is not simply the vote, it is also the engagement and conversations, the listening and imagining that precede that vote.

Unitarian Universalism for the Twenty-First Century

Ours is a living tradition. And we are profoundly blessed by the decades-long work of hundreds of leaders seeking to make us more whole.

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