Can We Chat?


As you likely have heard by now, no one chose to run by petition to serve as our next UUA President, making me the sole candidate on the ballot this June. While there are real benefits to a contested election, I am committed to working just as hard for your vote as I would have if there were candidates running against me.

As I shared back in November, I believe that the democratic process at the heart of our tradition is not simply about the vote—it is also about the engagement and conversations and dreaming that precede that vote. 

You—your perspective, your hopes and dreams, your fears, your needs—matter to Unitarian Universalism. Ours is a tradition in which every person contributes to the collective shaping of our living faith, and I want to be in conversation with as many of our people as possible. 

That’s where you come in. Being the sole candidate lessens the sense of urgency around the campaign—which remains a vital opportunity to discuss the values of our faith, our spiritual commitments, and the work of our collective liberation. I need your help to reach and dialogue with our people. 

Here’s what you can do: 

  1. Talk about my campaign with other UUs—share what excites you about our priorities and what your own hopes are for the next six years in our faith movement. 
  2. Attend the presidential forums and encourage others to do so as well. These forums are our chance to be in conversation together; a time for me to learn your hopes and needs for our future, and discuss how we can better live into our purpose and potential together. 
  3. Attend General Assembly—in person or virtually—and ensure that your congregation (if you’re part of one) is intentional about democratically, equitably, and transparently selecting delegates who will authentically represent you (check out our delegate guide for more on how to do this, as well as the new informational video from the UUA Board on being a delegate). In-person registration rates increase March 1.
  4. Donate to support my campaign and/or share our fundraising ask. Being the sole candidate doesn’t meaningfully decrease the expenses related to running a campaign, such as travel costs and equitable pay for our staff, but it does decrease folks’ motivation to give. Your gift will help me be in conversation with more UUs. Grateful thanks to all of you who have financially supported the campaign so far. 

Thank you in advance for being in conversation with me, helping me reach Unitarian Universalists in every corner of our movement, and uplifting the value and importance of communal care, collaborative leadership, and facing the unknown together. 


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