About Sofía

The Rev. Dr. Sofía Betancourt is a minister, educator, scholar, vocalist, poet, fiber artist, and change-maker. Her work in the world and her practice of Unitarian Universalism are informed by the belief that building mutual, accountable relationships with one another allows us to live our values more fully every day. As the child of immigrants from Panamá and Chile, and grandchild of a seventh-generation Unitarian, she knows the strength that comes from building lasting community at the meeting point of difference. She has served as a religious educator, a parish minister, a seminary professor, interim co-president of the Unitarian Universalist Association, and countless volunteer roles within the Association, giving her a wide-ranging experience of our dynamic community. She is an unabashed Universalist. The teachings of unearned grace, an all-embracing love, relational accountability, and dignity that surpasses all violent forms of oppression lie at the core of her understanding of life, living, and service in faithful community. She currently lives in the Washington DC area.

Professional experience

Rev. Betancourt has served Unitarian Universalism for more than twenty years in a wide variety of leadership roles within congregations, seminaries, human rights organizations, and at the highest levels of denominational leadership.

Personal background

Rev. Betancourt grew up in New York City as the only child of parents who both immigrated to the United States—her mother from Panamá and her father from Chile.

Reflections as co-president

In 2017 Rev. Betancourt served, with Dr. Leon Spencer and Rev. Bill Sinkford, as interim co-president of the UUA. At the close of their time, the three offered reflections on challenges and possibilities for Unitarian Universalism.

Sermons, talks, and writings

Rev. Betancourt is a celebrated speaker, preacher, and scholar. Read, watch, and/or listen to a selection of her words and works.