“Sofía’s leadership encompasses a prophetic voice alongside collaborative practices that center liberation and love. I have been her colleague for many years and have witnessed her public pastoral care along with her fierce advocacy of transforming harmful oppressive systems. Sofía is a strategic, knowledgeable, and brilliant leader.”

—Aisha Hauser

President, Liberal Religious Educators Association, and Lead Ministry Team, Church of the Larger Fellowship

“Sofía will call us out and call us to live in toward a future that embodies the hope our faith proclaims. She has seen the job. She has done the work. Sofía is the UUA President I want to support.”

—Rev. Bill Sinkford

Past UUA President, Past Interim UUA Co-President, Current Transitional Minister, All Souls Unitarian, Washington, DC

“Sofía’s vision for Unitarian Universalism in the twenty-first century immediately captured my imagination and my heart. She has the compassion, clarity, wisdom, and prophetic voice to lead us in these uncertain times, when the world deeply needs our liberating, life-giving faith!”

—Rev. Cecilia Kingman

Campaign Manager, Sofía Betancourt for UUA President

“Sofía Betancourt has been a leader and a voice for love and justice in our faith community for many years. As our president, she will lead us collaboratively with integrity and compassion, and also address our urgent need for collective healing, truth telling, and accountability.”

—Rev. Sam Teitel

Minister, The Church of the River, Memphis, TN

“Sofía Betancourt’s ministry, presence, and embodiment of the best of our UU values give me hope for our movement and, honestly, our world. I could not be more enthusiastic about her candidacy for UUA President.”

—Alex Kapitan

Co-leader, Transforming Hearts Collective

“Sofía brings the kind of depth our UUA president needs: depth of care, depth of theological grounding, and depth of institutional knowledge. She has a broad vision for all that we can become and the ability to listen and meet folks where they are. A vote for Rev. Dr. Betancourt is a vote for the future of our life-saving, life-giving, prophetic faith.”

—Rev. Kimberley Debus

Community Minister of the Arts and Worship, UUA Appointments Committee Chair, SUUSI Nurture Staff Director

“Sofía Betancourt is the gifted leader who can support us in moving our movement forward along the path that we have been working toward for decades. She brings the skill, knowledge, experience, and heart that are required for this moment. I am thrilled that Sofía is offering this gift to us all!”

—Rev. Eric Kaminetzky

Minister, Edmonds Unitarian Universalist Congregation, Edmonds, WA

“To be in Rev. Dr. Sofía Betancourt’s presence—to experience her preach, sing, minister, and teach—is to be deeply blessed. She is one who shows me the truth that there are prophets in every age, that revelation is not sealed, that we are a transforming and transformational faith.”

—Bailey Whiteman

Unitarian Universalist Music Transitions Consultant

“I’m used to being in awe of Sofía’s vision, but the humility and intentionality with which she approached her discernment about serving in this role made me prouder than I knew I could be. Even if I hadn’t witnessed that journey, even if I’d never met her, I’d know she’s the leader we need right now. The next six years are going to ask a lot of us—especially in the United States, especially in bodies being targeted. There’s no one I trust more to answer this call, or to lead us into our own.”

—Sam Ames

LGBTQ Civil Rights Lawyer and Suicide Prevention Advocate

“A brilliant theologian, a gifted preacher, a compassionate pastor, and an authentic advocate of Unitarian Universalism. These are just a few of the qualities that Sofía shares in her commitment to our Faith. In my time as a member of the UUA Board, I witnessed all of this when she served as one of the acting Co-Presidents during a time of turmoil. It is with great hope and joy that I endorse her candidacy.”

—Sarah Dan Jones

Director of Music, Starr King UU Fellowship, Plymouth, NH

“This moment calls us to elect a leader whose integrity, vision, call, and prophetic voice will challenge us to live deep into our values and move boldly into the future. Sofía Betancourt’s thoughtful discernment, academic training as an ethicist, and experience at multiple levels of UUA and congregational leadership make her the perfect candidate to embrace this pivotal moment for our faith.”

—rev. mandi huizenga

Minister, DuPage Unitarian Universalist Church, Naperville, IL

“I am humbled and honored to share my full support of the nomination of the Rev. Dr. Sofía Betancourt to be the next President of the Unitarian Universalist Association. Will you join me in saying YES to her candidacy and share this with all who love and are ready to take up and keep our hands on the PLOW into what comes with her being elected our next President? Ashe, AMEN, Shalom, Salaam, and May it be so!!”

—Rev. Chris Long

“In a time of painful societal division and increasing climate devastation, Sofía Betancourt is a nationally experienced, visionary leader who will help Unitarian Universalism meaningfully impact the needs of our day. She is lovingly inclusive, fiercely justice-oriented, and a prophetic academic. Sofía is the president that Unitarian Universalism needs.”

—Rev. Manish Mishra-Marzetti

Parish Minister and Co-Editor, Justice on Earth: People of Faith Working at the Intersections of Race, Class, and the Environment

“Sofía Betancourt exemplifies the importance of working collaboratively in our Unitarian Universalist faith through her work and, now, with her candidacy for UUA President. Working with Sofía, I witnessed first-hand her compassion and deep commitment to our faith movement. With her leadership and guidance, Unitarian Universalism can move into our future working together to share our liberating faith.”

—Courtney McKenny

Director of Lifespan Faith Development for the UU Church of Birmingham, AL, LREDA Board Member

“I 100% trust Sofía to lead us, because Sofia already has. In the aftermath of Peter Morales resigning, Sofía was part of the UUA leadership team that helped us navigate that difficult and painful time. Sofía is grounded and fierce and loving and I cannot wait to see the UUA under her very capable leadership.”

—Alexandra Dixon

“I have known Rev. Dr. Sofía to be a person of deep faith, compassion, humor, wisdom, and kindness. I know she will be a force for liberation, compassion, and strength for our churches, communities, and Unitarian Universalists everywhere.”

—Rev. Alex Haider-Winnett

Chaplain and Community Minister, Davis, CA

I do not know anyone whose gifts inspire more than Sofía’s. Sofía holds a rarest combination of sheer brilliance, beauty-weaving, soul-tending, and reaching into the depths of devastation and bringing spirit there toward repair and transformation presence. Her work as an ecowomanist theologian, spiritual leader, professor, author, and scholar pulses with fierce and nuanced critique and abundant and prophetic blessing. It is my immense pleasure—through tears—to share my joy, celebration, and affirmation in support of the Rev. Dr. Sofía Betancourt for UUA President. 

—Taya Mâ Shere

Rav Kohenet, Kohenet Hebrew Priestess Institute

“Rev. Dr. Sofía Betancourt is one of the major reasons I am pursuing UU ministry. From the very first time I saw her preach, I was encouraged and fed, inspired, and educated. She is eminently qualified—a loving and supportive presence for ministerial students as well as professional colleagues. Her big heart and wise intellect will provide phenomenal leadership to the UUA.”

—Dianne M. Daniels

Candidate Minister

“Sofía brings a breadth and a depth of UU leadership experience, scholarship, and wisdom to her candidacy for President. She is the leader we need for such a time as this.”

—Rev. Dr. Wayne Arnason

Board of Trustees, UU Retired Ministers and Partners Association

“Having the opportunity to learn from and share space with Sofía is an immense blessing. She is a rare creature who brings radiance and love into every space she touches. Unitarian Universalism is lucky to have her.”

—Andy Izenson

Board of Directors, Kol Hai Jewish Renewal

“Sofía Betancourt is a person of tremendous integrity, wisdom and vision. I can’t imagine a better leader for our movement at this critical juncture.”

—Rev. Dr. Robert M. Hardies

Minister, First Parish in Cambridge, MA

“Rev. Dr. Betancourt has depth and breadth of leadership and experience in the Unitarian Universalist faith movement, as well as scholarly, interfaith, and justice movements. She is insightful and speaks her truthful insights with love. It would be an understatement to say that she follows through on her commitments. I count myself blessed to be able to endorse her for UUA President.”

—Rev. Lyn Cox

Accredited Interim Minister

“Rev. Dr. Betancourt has everything needed to lead the UUA into its next bold steps in our faith journey.”

—Joshua Searle-White

Former UUA Staff Member

“Sofía has the heart of a pastor, the intellectual curiosity of a theologian and the relational capacity of a minister’s minister. I can think of no better individual to move into the future of Unitarian Universalism, telling us all, ‘I’ll go first,’ and helping us to find our way with courage.”

—Rev. Nancy McDonald Ladd

Senior Minister, River Road Unitarian Universalist Congregation, Bethesda, MD

“Rev. Dr. Sofía Betancourt possesses the qualities necessary to represent Unitarian Universalists as our President. She is a pastor, scholar, activist, collaborator, and visionary. She is respected among her peers, colleagues, and those she encounters. She embodies a wealth of experience shaped by her spirit of discernment, humility, passion, and love for Unitarian Universalism. I have no doubt that she will represent us well and with the same integrity, professionalism, and humanity she has demonstrated over the years.”

—Rev. Qiyamah A. Rahman

Spiritual Counselor, Continuum Care Hospice, St. Croix, VI

“Sofía is the best choice to lead the UUA into the multireligious and beautiful future that awaits us!”

—Pablo Vazquez

Student at Starr King School for the Ministry

“Rev. Dr. Sofía Betancourt’s wisdom, leadership, and theology are just what Unitarian Universalism needs at this moment in our history. Her combination of truth, hope, and ethics will ground our work in this troubled world. How lucky we are to have the opportunity to elect someone with such a beautiful vision of a just, loving, interdependent world, as well as a practical understanding of the relational work we need to do to move towards that world.”

—Rev. Jennifer Nordstrom

Senior Minister, First Unitarian Society of Milwaukee, WI

“I’ve known Sofía for over a decade, and I’m over the moon about her candidacy for UUA President. She is exactly the thoughtful, engaged, theologically focused, justice-oriented leader Unitarian Universalism needs at this moment in our history. Her experience, vision, and dedication to radical welcome will serve us brilliantly.”

—Rev. Lindasusan V. Ulrich


“I have been a UU for 20 years and known Sofía for most of those years. Sofía was always a natural leader and incredibly deep and grounded in our UU faith. I trust her knowledge, skill, and ability to lead us into new spaces we cannot fully fathom and I hope the UU world comes to see what I know—that Sofía is the right person at the right time for our UU world.”

—Rev. John T. Crestwell, Jr.

Co-Executive / Co-Minister, UU Church of Annapolis, MD

“Over the decades I have known her, Sofía has always been one of the people I could turn to when my own faith was flagging. She’s an innovative and grounded leader, one of the most ethical people I know, and someone whose care for community is filled with both compassion and logical realism. I firmly believe Sofía is the president who can lead Unitarian Universalism fully into the 21st century.

—Rev. Mr. Barb Greve

Past UUA Co-Moderator, Master-Level Religious Educator, Hospice Chaplain

“I couldn’t be more thrilled by the prospect of Sofía as our next UUA president. She is brilliant, courageous, compassionate, kind, deeply spiritual, politically savvy, funny, and blessedly fierce when she needs to be. She is exactly the leader we need at this critical moment in our history.”

—Rev. Theresa Novak

Minister Emerita, UU Church of Ogden, UT

“For years we have heard the theological and justice-oriented writings of Rev. Dr. Betancourt and now we have the opportunity to benefit from her leadership, lived experience, and scholarship. Not only that, but she also lives our UU values through her kindness and grace. Rev. Sofía, you have my whole-hearted endorsement.”

—Rev. Jenny Amstutz

Unitarian Universalist Minister

“Sofía is an extraordinary person and leader with a rare breadth and depth of understanding and experience of our faith tradition, both our struggles and our potential. Her ongoing commitment to who and how we can be as we move forward through this period of our evolution is absolutely what we need in this moment.”

—Rev. Leela Sinha

Entrepreneurial Community Minister, The Intensives Institute, Berkeley, CA

“As a Queer, BIPOC Seminarian, and Aspiring Public Theologian who will go before the Ministerial Fellowship Committee in Spring 2024, I am so excited to know that the Rev. Dr. Sofía Betancourt may be leading our faith as I am coming into ordained ministry. She will make an excellent UUA president and has my enthusiastic endorsement!”

—roddy bell-shelton biggs

Seminarian, Aspiring Public Theologian, Intern Minister

“Sofía was the interim minister when I chaired our congregation’s search committee. I cannot imagine a better interim minister to help us through the transition process from one beloved settled minister to the next. Sofía sees the big picture and can lead from that perspective beautifully, but she never fails to remember the small, intimate, human acts of connection. She will be a leader we can be proud of.”

—Linda Tolladay

Member and Lay Leader, Unitarian Universalist Church of Fresno, CA

“I enthusiastically support the Rev. Dr. Sofía Betancourt’s candidacy for UUA president. The next six years will be a very important time for Unitarian Universalism as we continue to close the gap between who we say we are and how we currently behave in our congregations, communities, and organizations. I look forward to Sofía’s leadership and wisdom as we continue to get free together and create the institutions that strengthen and support the liberation and transformation of us all. ¡Vamos!”

—Julica Hermann de la Fuente

Anti-Racism Coach and Ministerial Candidate

“I have been in awe of Sofía’s depth, wisdom, scholarship, warmth, and humor since I first sat across a table from her in a theology class at Starr King School for the Ministry more than two decades ago. She is just the right person at just the right time to serve as president of our Association.”

—Rev. Dana Worsnop

Minister, UU Church of Ventura, CA

“With the prospect of such deeply beautiful humanity, uncompromising vision, and sheer skill in the lead, we also get an opportunity to transcend the confines of our faith’s business as usual. As we wonder whether Unitarian Universalism will ever become what it dreams to be, whether our voice stands a chance at relevance in the revolution, the thought of Sofía as our president makes my soul say ‘yes’ without hesitation, with deep gratitude, and hope awake again.”

—Dr. Glen Thomas Rideout

First Universalist Church of Minneapolis and Meadville-Lombard Theological School

“In this time of radical transition, both within our faith and in the greater world around us, our new UUA president will need to have tremendous faith, strength, compassion, and a fire of commitment to ushering in a spirit of unity. The Rev. Dr. Sofía Betancourt embodies these attributes! She is a visionary with integrity who has the unique ability see the big picture while intuitively noting the small details to attain the goal. She will lead with the benefit of institutional knowledge, thoughtful collaboration, love, and grace. I wholeheartedly endorse the Rev. Dr. Sofìa Betancourt for UUA President.

—Amanda M. Thomas

UU Musician/Troubadour

“Rev. Sofia Betancourt has my full support and confidence as our next UUA President. Her dedication, visionary skills and deep love for our faith will help energize and guide us into the next paradigm of our ever evolving dynamic and living religious ecosystem. Her capacity for inclusion will ensure love is our primary source and experience.”

—Rev. Dr. Kate Walker

Unitarian Universalist Minister

“Rev. Sofía Betancourt has proven herself to be a prophetic leader in our faith. She has deep understanding of the historical issues that have held us back and the many tools that have moved us forward towards the religious community we seek to be.”

—Rev. Ali K.C. Bell

Unitarian Universalist Minister

“I have known Sofía Betancourt for 25 years as co-participants and co-beneficiaries of the Black, Indigenous, People of Color UU community. There were disagreements, setbacks, and losses, but Sofía always worked for inclusion, mutual caring, and being a loving community of who we covenant to become. As to the call to become president of the UUA, Sofia demonstratively is ready. She has demonstrated her ability to speak truth to power. She has shown again and again her power to create unity of purpose out of a community of diverse interests and opinions. I wholeheartedly endorse Sofía.

—Rev. Dr. Clyde Grubbs, D.Min.

Minister, First Parish UU, Canton, MA

“As she did before, Rev. Dr. Sofía Betancourt will bring grounded wisdom to the presidency of the UUA and a caring, thoughtful, and collaborative style. Sofía understands the intersectionality of class, race, gender, and ability—as well as immigration, racial capitalism, colonialism, and the climate crisis—through the intersectionality of her own lived experiences and identities. She brings a depth and gravitas that will call in each of us as Unitarian Universalists to live into our better selves and possibilities during these changing, challenging, and acute times.”

—Rev. Dr. Michelle A. Walsh, PhD, LICSW

Lead Minister, First Parish Church in Taunton, MA

“I have known Rev. Dr. Sofía Betancourt since we were seminarians at Starr King School for the Ministry over twenty years ago. Over the years she has excelled as a scholar and a leader, and exudes warmth and compassion as a pastoral presence. Her leadership as president of our denomination is sorely needed at this time in our wounded world.”

—Rev. Addae Ama Kraba

Minister of UU Congregation of New Braunfels, TX; Minister of San Marcos, TX, UU Fellowship

“I have known Rev. Dr. Betancourt for many years now. She has always been a thoughtful and generous colleague and leader. Her experience, serving in our congregations, teaching in our seminaries, and leading in our administration has provided her with the practical experience necessary for leading our faith in the 21st century. She is also wise, insightful, and grounded and brings to our faith the kind of vision we need in this moment. I am pleased to endorse her for our next UUA president.”

—Rev. Paul Langston-Daley

Minister of Social Justice, First Parish in Concord, MA

“The Rev. Dr. Sofía Betancourt is a true-north leader whose moral compass will guide our living tradition with integrity and strength. Her insight, wisdom, and unbridled joy will bless everyone within and beyond Unitarian Universalism who has the privilege of being in her presence.”

—Rev. Dr. Nathan C. Walker

Affiliated Community Minister, Church of the Larger Fellowship

“At Starr King School for the Ministry I was blessed to be witness to Sofía’s prophetic justice centered ministry, her deeply healing presence, and her ability to lift others as she rises. As a Queer Filipino American UU Minister-To-Be, I know she lives and breaths the intersectionality that is our faith’s greatest gift. Most of all, it is her joy, her laughter, and her fierce love and commitment for our faith that I am most inspired by. In our quest for collective liberation, healing, and wholeness there is no one better to lead us into the next six years than Rev. Dr. Sofía Betancourt!”

—Kevin Alan Mann, MDiv

Hospice Chaplain, Ministerial Candidate, Member, First Unitarian Church of Oakland

“Throughout her career, the Rev. Dr. Sofía Betancourt has deftly embodied the multiple roles of pastor, prophet, theologian, teacher, leader, colleague, executive, and more. Most of the time, we are blessed with leaders who excel in a few areas over others, but I am ecstatic at the opportunity to elect a President who weaves together them all with grace, compassion, integrity, and strength!”

—Rev. AJ van Tine

Assistant Minister, First Unitarian Church of Rochester

“Sofía bestows generosity and kindness in her interactions with others. She lives what she preaches about love. As a theologian and ethicist, I believe Sofía will bring to the presidency a religiously grounded vision for how we can be Unitarian Universalists that bring more love and justice to our shared world.” 

—Rev. Dr. Stephanie May

Minister, First Parish in Wayland

“Inspired. Compelling. Compassionate. Insightful. All these—and more—help to describe the many gifts that Sofía Betancourt brings to our faith and to this world. Sofía is the leader we need now—to provide ferocious and challenging guidance, to love us into embodying our best selves as we live into the promise of this faith. I will be proud to call Sofía our President, and know that she will use all her gifts to guide us forward through the uncertain times that lie ahead.”

—Deborah Weiner

Transitional Religious Professional

“I cannot think of anyone who is better qualified, more committed, or better suited to lead the UUA in its next chapter than the Rev. Dr. Sofía Betancourt.”

—Rev. Kristin Grassel Schmidt

Parish Minister

“Rev. Dr. Betancourt is a multigenerational movement builder who nurtures and empowers leaders of all ages to shape Unitarian Universalism together. I treasure her as a mentor and colleague, and have learned so much from her wisdom and example. In these transformative and turbulent times, her leadership will bring forth an incredible future for our shared faith. I’m overjoyed and inspired by her candidacy.”

—Betty-Jeanne Rueters-Ward

Faculty, Starr King School for the Ministry

“I have worked with Sofía for years. She is visionary and collaborative, dedicated to enlarging our community and staying connected with those already here, able to see and understand both large ideas of faith and grace and individual needs for nourishment and support.”

—Ted Fetter

“Rev. Dr. Betancourt has committed her ministry to making space for the voices in the margins and holding space for the role of Unitarian Universalism in the larger world, inviting all of us to be present and on this journey together. Grateful for her ministry, her witness, and her advocacy.”

—James Coomes

Member, Neighborhood Unitarian Universalist Church, Pasadena, CA

“In times that call for a leader who will radically nourish, fight, and care for the expansive love capacity that lies within each heart, I can not think of anyone better prepared in all dimensions than Rev. Sofía Betancourt to move our faith forward with diligence, courage, and compassion.”

—Francisco Ruiz

AUUMM Program Director of Spiritual Practice and Worship

“Sofía Betancourt is that rare person whose prodigious mind is accompanied by a similarly spacious heart. She is a woman of intellectual depth, enviable organizational capacities, and always-at-the-ready wit whose profound commitment to justice is guided by her expansive spirit and spiritual life. I’ve known Sofía as a friend, classmate, fellow committee and board member, minister, professor, administrator. I’d be delighted to know her as the President of the UUA. I can’t imagine a better leader for us in these challenging times.”

—Rev. Jay Leach

Unitarian Universalist Minister

“What I’m most excited about as I envision Sofía’s presidency is the deep theological grounding that I know she will bring to the role—and to our movement. The world is hurting, and the world is trying to imagine a different way forward. I believe that Sofía will help Unitarian Universalism to give language to this longing, and to be one of the ways the world re-creates itself again.

—Rev. Amanda Poppei

Senior Minister, Unitarian Universalist Church of Arlington, VA

“Sofía is a deep, nuanced thinker with a proven commitment both to scholarship and putting theory into practice. She is fierce in her compassion and her commitment to justice in a way that both challenges and invites us to do hard work in the service of love. And she has a powerful and generous history of service on behalf of our faith. We are thrilled and excited for what we as Unitarian Universalists can accomplish under the influence of her collaborative leadership.”

—Rev. Kelly J. Crocker and Rev. Kelly W. Asprooth-Jackson

Co-Senior Ministers, First Unitarian Society of Madison, WI

“I cannot imagine a better statement of priorities than the one Rev. Betancourt has put forward as her vision. I think she is outstanding in every respect. I enthusiastically endorse and support her and look forward to her leadership!”

—Don Manning-Miller

“I cannot imagine a better leader for these times. She brings deep integrity, compassion, keen intellect, and grace to every moment.”

—Rev. Dr. Linda Hart

Parish Minister

“Sofía has the theological depth to ground our faith, the creative spark to help us imagine together the future we want to build, the relational capacity to invite us to move into that future together, and the administrative sharpness to make it happen. I am thrilled to support her candidacy and will be thrilled to work alongside her to make Unitarian Universalism a liberatory, loving force in our world.”

—Rev. Dr. Michael Tino

Lead Ministry Team, Church of the Larger Fellowship

“Rev. Dr. Sofía Betancourt gives me faith in the future of Unitarian Universalism. She is brilliant and wise, compassionate, generous, and funny. As a religious and organizational leader, Sofía offers spiritual depth, vision, and profound, unwavering commitment to ethical, accountable leadership. In collaboration and conflict, Sofía is a grounding, inclusive, graceful presence. I am overjoyed that she might undertake the UUA Presidency, and offer my enthusiastic, unqualified endorsement.”

—J Weil

Member, First Unitarian Church of Dallas, TX

“I’m delighted by Rev. Sofía Betancourt’s nomination to be UUA President, and look forward to her service. She has already led us in the direction we need to be going. We need to all join our hopes and hearts with her and flow together into the future.”

—Rev. Tom Schade

“Sofía is committed to building the Unitarian Universalism that I grew up thinking already existed. For each time Unitarian Universalism has failed me, people like Sofía have shown me there is still hope. I am a UU because of people like Sofía.”

—Karishma Gottfried

UU young adult leader

“Rev. Dr. Sofía Betancourt is the experienced, compassionate, visionary leader we need in this critical moment in Unitarian Universalism. Her commitments to community care and collaborative leadership will bring us together and carry us forward into the future. I am thrilled to support her candidacy for UUA President!”

—Rev. Rebecca Hinds

Minister, The Unitarian Church in Charleston, SC

“What a blessing for Unitarian Universalism that the Rev. Dr. Sofía Betancourt is willing to serve as the next President of our Association. She embodies love in action, visionary leadership, and spiritual depth. She will lead our faith firmly into the twenty-first century and empower Unitarian Universalists and people of good heart everywhere to do what must be done to heal each other and our world.”

—Rev. Colin Bossen

Senior Minister

“I have known Rev. Sofía since seminary. She is brilliant, deeply committed to Unitarian Universalism, highly principled, spiritually grounded, passionate about social justice, and comes with an unparalleled record of experience. We are lucky that she feels called to this new and important role.”

—Rev. Barbara F. Meyers

Affiliated Community Minister, Mission Peak UU Congregation, Fremont, CA

“During her service on UUSC’s staff, the Rev. Dr. Sofía Betancourt facilitated a process to clarify the Board’s shared values and establish a sound foundation for our annual work plan. She skillfully engaged all members and posed just the right questions to elicit a full range of responses from our diverse Board. Her sensitive facilitation skills, solid theological grounding, and powerful pastoral presence enabled her to make significant positive contributions to our Board culture in this post-pandemic period of uncertainty and change.”

—Ned Wight

Chair, Unitarian Universalist Service Committee Board

“UUSC has had the honor of working with the Rev. Dr. Sofía Betancourt throughout this year, and we celebrate her nomination by the UUA Presidential Search Committee. In a short time at UUSC, Sofía’s brave, inspired, and embodied theological leadership among us has made us stronger. Working closely with her over this past year has been a tremendous privilege. I have seen the impact of her abundant talent and wisdom in navigating change and building radical inclusion, faithful witness, and the embrace of a wide range of voices guiding our shared work. I look forward to witnessing and supporting her leadership of our Unitarian Universalist Association.”

—Mary Katherine Morn

President, Unitarian Universalist Service Committee

“I know few leaders who have Rev. Betancourt’s deep gifts at leading us through grief and confronting injustice while holding, claiming, naming, and practicing the spiritual and emotional needs for creative life and beauty. Rev. Betancourt builds coalitions without forsaking truth and grace. She practices the truth that all our liberation is tied up together. She calls toward community power and Spirit power as she leads us to dismantle abusive power. Her profound intellectual, creative, and spiritual gifts weave together, offering a rich, holistic tapestry of leadership for mind, heart, spirit, soul.”

—Dr. Kimberly B. George

Scholar, Writer, Teacher

“Rev. Dr. Sofía’s deep compassion and wisdom are an incredible gift to our association. I am so grateful for the understanding and fierce love she brings and her grounded forward looking leadership!”

—Rev. Caitlin Cotter Coillberg

Minister of Spiritual Growth, UU Church of Silver Spring, MD

“I endorse Rev. Dr. Betancourt wholeheartedly. A leader as the right time when we have momentous decisions on how we should live our faith.”

—Raj Mehta

Lay leader

“Rev. Dr. Sofía Betancourt is the collaborative leader that our movement needs at this moment in history. She has the vision, knowledge, and skills that are required to inspire and support us as we experience the wonder and joy of generative love, and live out, with compassion and creativity, an ethic of gratitude, responsibility, reciprocity, and risk.”

—Dr. Sharon D. Welch

Unitarian Universalist social ethicist

“There have been so many wonderful endorsements and this is yet another one. But this one speaks to the Sofía that I love; the laughter that can rock a room, the quizzical brow that can straighten you up, the caring glance that lets you know you’re not alone. Yes she is theologian, governance, and spiritual leader extraordinaire, but more than that she is an embodiment of our ancestors’ blessings. I will be honored to cast my vote for her.”

—Christina Rivera

Lead Ministry Team, Church of the Larger Fellowship

“I met Sofía years ago through a mutual friend. Since then, as I have deepened my understanding of Unitarian Universalism through the UUA and through my exploration of the UU multicultural spaces available online, it seems whenever I turn around I encounter Sofía. As a founder, a leader, a speaker, an activist. In the overwhelming process of dismantling the bonds of white supremacy within myself, my faith community(s), and society at large, hearing her speak and engaging in her vision always inspires me with clarity, courage, and hope.”

—Nicole Thibadeaux

Free-range Unitarian Universalist

“These times call for transformational leadership in our UU movement, our nation, and our world. The Rev. Dr. Sofia Betancourt will provide the leadership, vision, and expertise to guide us in what are unprecedented times. Dr. Betancourt has the theological depth, prophetic vision, pastoral capacity, and personal integrity to lead Unitarian Universalism in the realm of possibility and hope. I am delighted to wholeheartedly endorse Rev. Dr. Sofia Betancourt for UUA President.”

—Rev. Dr. Beth Johnson

Minister, Unitarian Church of Hinsdale, IL

“The depth and breadth of Rev. Sofía’s thought and leadership cannot be underestimated. Her collaborative leadership as interim co-president enabled our movement to navigate challenges in a way that helped us imagine new possibilities for ourselves. She is the leader right now: as we continue to imagine how our movement will stay relevant in the 21st century, we need Rev. Sofía’s leadership.”

—Rev. Chris Rothbauer

Minister, Auburn UU Fellowship, Auburn, AL

“Rev. Sofía is one of reasons I’ve decided to pursue UU ministry! 21st century Unitarian Universalism needs someone who is rooted in power, focused on love as bell hooks taught us, and a true believer that liberation is possible, right now. She has been a skilled weaver of ethics, theology, music, and laughter in my life, and we are all blessed. I enthusiastically endorse Rev. Sofía for UUA President.”

—Lecretia Williams

Aspirant to UU ministry and member, Black Lives of Unitarian Universalism

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