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Unitarian Universalism for the Twenty-First Century

Unitarian Universalism is a living tradition, one that evolves over time as we grapple with the largest questions that give life meaning. We have been on a journey for decades to live our justice commitments more fully and remain relevant to the times. All are welcome and all have gifts to bring to our unfolding journey.


A proven leader who has served Unitarian Universalism for more than two decades, leading collaboratively with love and faith in our future.


Nurturing the best in each of us and in Unitarian Universalism as a movement; putting communal care at the heart of everything.

Spiritual depth

Personally and professionally committed to living into the liberal and liberating potential of our faith in vibrant, embodied ways.

“Our most basic teaching is that every one of us is worthy, that none of us can be made less than the greater love that calls us into being.”

—Rev. Dr. Sofía Betancourt

“Sofía’s leadership encompasses a prophetic voice alongside collaborative practices that center liberation and love. I have witnessed her public pastoral care along with her fierce advocacy of transforming harmful oppressive systems. Sofía is a strategic, knowledgeable, and brilliant leader.”

—Aisha Hauser

President, Liberal Religious Educators Association, and Lead Ministry Team, Church of the Larger Fellowship

“Sofía’s vision for Unitarian Universalism in the twenty-first century immediately captured my imagination and my heart. She has the compassion, clarity, wisdom, and prophetic voice to lead us in these uncertain times, when the world deeply needs our liberating, life-giving faith!”

—Rev. Cecilia Kingman

Campaign Manager, Sofía Betancourt for UUA President

“Sofía will call us out and call us to live in toward a future that embodies the hope our faith proclaims. She has seen the job. She has done the work. Sofía is the UUA President I want to support.”

—Rev. Bill Sinkford

Past UUA President, Past Interim UUA Co-President, Current Transitional Minister, All Souls Unitarian, Washington, DC

“Sofía Betancourt has been a leader and a voice for love and justice in our faith community for many years. As our president, she will lead us collaboratively with integrity and compassion, and also address our urgent need for collective healing, truth telling, and accountability.”

—Rev. Sam Teitel

Minister, The Church of the River, Memphis, TN

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