Communal care

In these times, we are called to care for each other like never before, fed by a love that will not let any of us go. We can—and must—deepen our commitment and our skills in caring for ourselves and one another, leaving no one outside the circle of our love.

Collaborative leadership

Our congregations, covenanted communities, and wider denomination needs leadership that is deeply relational, collaborative, and empowering. We need more than great individual leaders—we need a commitment to honoring the gifts that every single person brings and making space for the full breadth of voices in our midst.

Facing the unknown together

Faith, in part, means working toward the world we want to inhabit, without any guarantee that it will come to pass. Together we can lean into possibilities that we have yet to fully experience, immerse ourselves in what it means to be a UU in these times, then live knowing that our faith matters.

“Together we can serve one another, organize for justice, widen the circle of concern, collectively imagine new ways forward in community, and grow spiritually. Our nation and denomination are experiencing immense ideological struggles. Our congregations worry for their future existence, and our religious professionals and lay leaders are worn down to the bone. Yet ours is the work of hope in the world; Unitarian Universalism has a vital, liberating message for our time.”